Although the current pandemic may have changed the life styles of the Ohana’s and friends of Hula Halau ‘O Makalapua, it has opened new opportunities for all of us to continue sharing the Aloha spirit.

We are successfully conducting all classes during the current pandemic on-line making access to classes easier with busy schedules. If you are interested or would like more information, please email us at:  or  call  (650) 260-HULA.   

Capture the excitement and beauty of the South Pacific Islands. Learn the fundamentals of traditional and contemporary Tahitian, Hawaiian and New Zealand Maori dance, art, music, crafts and drumming. Our 3,000 sq. ft. facility will take you back to the islands with its tropical atmosphere of bamboo, palm trees and exotic talking birds.

Hula Halau ‘O Makalapua, Marama Te Mafatu Nui offers people of all descents the opportunity to develop poise and confidence through dance, as well as the continuity of one’s cultural heritage through the instruction of music, arts, and crafts of the islands. Students learn confidence, self-expression, to dance in unity with others, stage presence, proper execution of their dance, and language.

We believe that if we can teach our Students the “Aloha Spirit” of strong family values, spiritual guidance and nurture their growth, then we have contributed to their tomorrows… a future bright with promise.